TMF – Taylor-Made Fitness

Barre Pilates – Wednesdays 10.45-11.30am:

The Barre Pilates Method combines basic ballet barre exercises with Pilates, body conditioning moves and stretches – perfect for you if you want to see definition and tone without adding bulk. Although this is a low impact class you can expect to sweat and feel the burn! It takes the very best from the work of Joseph Pilates and applies it to standing ballet barre exercises, followed by a short mat-work section, for a workout that anyone can do – dancer or not! The exercises are designed to tone and strengthen your legs, core & pelvic floor whilst improving your posture and flexibility. You do not need to have any previous ballet experience or wear a tutu!


Fitness Pilates – Wednesdays 11.40am-12.40pm:

Fitness Pilates takes the original mat-work exercises and brings them up-to-date by adding functional adaptations, 3-dimensional movements and a whole-body focus. Over time you can expect to see improved flexibility and mobility, a stronger core and a better back. No previous experience is necessary. Please note: this class is suitable for the general population and is not designed to be a clinical Pilates class

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