Renovation and Refurbishment

Renovation and Refurbishment:


Sport England Announcement:


We have received notification from Sport England that the Parish Council will be receiving a substantial grant to enable us to:


Renovate the Pavilion

Resurface the Car park

Add toilets – including a disabled toilet.

Add security features to protect the Pavilion from damage


We would like to thank all the local Organisations for their support and to all the Sandhurst residents who completed the Neighbourhood Plan survey.  They have been instrumental in securing this grant.


Finally we would like to thank Councillor Matthew Cope and Wendy Grayburn (Clerk) for all their hard work.

Official Press Release: Click Here

Sports Ground Pavilion Extension and Refurbishment:

Despite the wet weather over the last month, the extension and refurbishment of the pavilion are going well. The extension is to provide long overdue toilet facilities in the building including facilities for the disabled and a referee’s changing room. The refurbishment of the building will include a new kitchen, replacement of all windows and doors together with a redecoration of the whole building. The veranda posts will be renewed and a path will surround the building to allow wheelchair access directly from the car park.

Payment of this modernisation has come from a generous grant from Sport England (part of the National Lottery) and from our Section 106 allocation from Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. The Parish Council hopes that, with the much-improved pavilion, there will be an increased interest from Sandhurst in using our large and attractive Sports Ground for a wide range of sports including those provided by the Football and Cricket clubs.

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested as a player or to help in these clubs the contacts are:

Football Club – Sandra Kerry on 850377                Cricket Club – Brian Feaver on 752448

Sandhurst Parish Council 17/07/16