Sandhurst Travel Report – August 2018


I haven`t done much travelling as it is almost too hot to make extended trips at present! I did go to Hastings the other day. I find it convenient to drive to Hawkhurst so that I have a choice of buses. I went to the stop in Highgate Hill and the #349 came by on its way to the moor. I was waiting for the #304, but I asked the #349 driver to check on his way back in case it had not come and I could go the other way round to Hastings. Luckily, the #304 did arrive and I went as far as Aldi to buy my favourite chocolate bars. However, I will never go there again on a Saturday because each person was buying  enough to feed an army! There is a bus roughly every 10 minutes into town from Bohemia Road opposite Aldi. For my return trip I went up to the railway station where I had a choice of an hourly #304 or a two hourly #349. It was the latter that came first so I had to go past my road and into Hawkhurst to collect my car. You never know which will work out but it is better to have two chances.

I tried the new Arriva #5 schedule. It now leaves 6 minutes later on a lot of the departures. They have given us a very early bus (05.52) to Staplehurst Station (06.35). At the TAG meeting I was very impressed when the representative – a tiny young lady – said that she had driven the #5 the entire route to see the problems of negotiating various `hot spots`. She pointed out the problems with the Hawkhurst corner of the Cranbrook Road, but didn`t mention the Sandhurst `turn around`. We are without a local Arriva Sunday service since the 2 hourly #5 only goes from Maidstone to Cranbrook and back.

It sounds like the Sunday and holiday 2 hourly #349 will continue, so please use it whenever possible. I will report when I hear the results of all the meetings regarding public transport that are being held in July.

Happy travels from your transport reporter, Gillian Davis